Need More Power?

Get an electrical panel upgrade in Randolph, NJ, Stanhope, NJ and the surrounding areas

When your home was built, no one had any idea how much energy modern homes would use. Older electrical systems aren't equipped to manage the amps you need to power all your appliances, lighting and HVAC system. Fortunately, MD Electrical Solutions, LLC can do an electrical panel upgrade on your home.

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3 advantages of getting an electrical panel upgrade

3 advantages of getting an electrical panel upgrade

Is it really worthwhile to upgrade your circuit box? When you do, you'll get:

  1. More amps: Draw more energy into your home without the danger of tripping a circuit or blowing a fuse.
  2. More circuits: Your new panel can include more circuits than your old box, letting you use more appliances safely.
  3. More options: Additional circuits and more power means you have more control over your home's electrical system.
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